Families have several options for support from the Learning Strategies faculty:

Academic Coaching

Students in this program meet every day with their Learning Specialist and focus on class assignments, quiz and test preparation, and homework. Highlights include:

  •  A daily, one-on-one class with a Learning Specialist who knows and understands your child.
  •  Time management, learning techniques, organizational and study-skills coaching.
  •  Bi-weekly and detailed communication home so parents and school work in partnership.
  •  Close liaison with academic teachers, including weekly assignment sheets.
  •  Accommodations such as extended time on tests and the use of technology.
  •  An advocate and booster who encourages your child to take responsibility for their growth


To be considered for Academic Coaching, families must submit a recent psycho-educational evaluation that contains a specific diagnosis of a learning disability or ADHD.

Executive Group

Students in this course work closely with a Learning Specialist in a small-group setting (4 students maximum). Highlights include:

  •  Learn and practice academic planning, personal organization, and time-management skills.
  •  Receive personal coaching and support to build strengths and address weaknesses.
  •  Teach communication skills, self-advocacy and constructive help-seeking.
  •  Learn active reading, writing, and problem-solving strategies.
  •  Learn healthy and effective study habits, and build self-awareness.


Students enrolled in the Executive Group are not required to have a diagnosed learning disability.

For more information, or to learn about testing and evaluation, please email Alice Berg, Director of the Learning Strategies Program. 


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