While there's no "typical" Dunn student, these upper-school student profiles give you a window into our multi-talented students and their daily schedules.

Sophie H. (sophomore from Canada)

7:30am   Breakfast in the dining hall

7:50am  Morning check in with my advisor, Mrs. Watson.

8:05am   Photography - my favorite class. I love our Friday assignments!

9:00 am   English 10 Honors - reading poetry aloud..

9:55am   Assembly today - I like to find out what's happening.

10:25am  Free period. I head to my room and catch up on homework.

11:20am   Spanish 2 Honors - we are performing in skits, in Spanish!

12:15pm  Lunch. I catch up with friends who I don't have classes with.

12:55pm  Chemistry. Working hard to complete our latest  lab report.

1:50pm    Algebra 2 - My teacher actually tells math jokes.

3:00pm   Leadership period - we're practicing public speaking skills.

4:00pm   Volleyball practice - my favorite sport.

6:05pm   Dinner in the dining hall. If it's warm we'll sit outside.

7:00pm   Relaxing with friends in the cafe before study hall.

8:00pm   Study hall. Time to get my homework done. I start with math.

10:30pm Lights out. Another busy day at Dunn!

Audrey P. (junior from California)

7:00am   Breakfast in the dining hall.

7:50am   Check in with my advisor, Mrs. Adams.

8:05am   Spanish 3 Honors - conversations in Spanish, hard but fun.

9:00am   AP U.S. History - always good discussions.

9:55am   I like Block period. I can get a little extra help from teachers.

10:25am   Learning Strategies with Mrs. Adams - essay help.

11:20am   Biology - our classroom has a humongous iguana.

12:15pm   Lunch. Then I walk to Los Olivos Grocery for ice cream.

12:55pm   AP English Language - starting a research paper.

1:50pm   Studio Art 2 - painting is the ultimate mental break.

2:55pm   College Counseling class meets today.

4:00pm   Soccer practice with our coach Mrs. Haig.

6:10pm   Dinner in the dining hall. Plenty of choices.

6:35pm   I like to relax with my friends in the cafe after dinner.

7:30pm   Dorm jobs - quick and easy, most of the time.

8:00pm   Study hall. Sometimes I go to the art studio to finish a project.

11:00pm   Bedtime.

Abe S. (sophomore )

7:30am   Breakfast. I get cereal or eggs and juice in the dining hall.

7:50am   Advisory group check in with Mr. Westcott.

8:05am   History 10 with Mr. McCoy, a great teacher with good jokes.

9:00am   Chemistry. We do experiments with lab partners in a team.

9:55am   Assembly on Mondays and Fridays. Students announce activities.

10:25am   Earwig Inc. This class teaches entrepreneurship and start ups.

11:20am  Geometry with Mrs. Avery.

12:00pm  At lunchtime I walk to Los Olivos Grocery with my friends.

12:55pm   Spanish 3 - I overcame my fear of speaking in Spanish.

1:50pm   English 10 Honors. The variety of writing assignments is nice.

3:00pm   Advisory meetings. We check in on our academic goals.

4:00pm   Tennis practice. My favorite sport - I play on Sundays, too.

5:50pm   Dinner in the dining hall with my friends.

6:30pm   I clean my room and relax with my friends on the big lawn.

7:30pm   Dorm jobs and then getting ready for homework.

8:00pm   Get the rest of my homework done for the night.

10:00pm Go to sleep.

Miles D. (junior from Connecticut)

7:20am   Breakfast. Usually scrambled eggs and sausage and orange juice.

7:50am   I see my advisor. She asks how my homework went last night.

8:05am   AP U.S. History. We have a great teacher. My favorite class.

9:00am   Free period. I do schoolwork in the library. See my friends.

10:15am   Morning snack - mini bagels and cream cheese.

10:25am   Pre-Calculus. A small-group review for our test tomorrow.

11:20am   Spanish 4 - we're writing essays and reading them aloud.

12:15pm   Lunch at school. Walk to Los Olivos Grocery for a smoothie.

12:55pm   Biology. Working with lab partners keeps it interesting.

1:50pm   AP English Language - we're starting research papers.

2:55pm     Guest performance. An alumni who's a professional singer!

4:00pm   Baseball practice with coaches Dorlarque and Roberts.

6:10pm   Dinner and some joking around with my friends.

7:00pm   I might watch a movie in the dorm lounge.

8:00pm    Homework time. Usually I've gotten part of it done already.

11:00pm   Lights out.

The best thing about Dunn is you always have friends to do things with. Seriously, no matter what you like to do, you can do it at Dunn.

—Student, '14