Student Makes Five-course Dinner for Kitchen Crew

The talented chefs and staff in the Dunn Kitchen make three meals a day, seven days a week, and cater all the School's special events on campus.

One student took notice of their hard work and wanted to return the favor—by trading places with them for a night.

Last Saturday, sophomore Blu Moreno took over the Dunn Kitchen to prepare a gourmet dinner especially for the staff who cooks for the Dunn Community every day. Along with a sous chef—senior Bailey Guess—the two prepared all day for an elegant meal that evening.

The menu was ambitious: an amuse-bouche of apple-blackberry-cinnamon sorbet; a blue cheese and Parmesan soufflé; a traditional French onion soup; rosemary garlic steaks; and, a raspberry and cream shortbread for dessert. The dinner was properly plated and served by candlelight on white linens and china.

"I don't think anyone does anything for them in appreciation for their hard work," said Blu. "I was happy to do something for them, and I think they liked it." 

"Blu and Bailey worked really hard in the kitchen all day," said Robin Reynolds, Dunn's head chef and kitchen manager. "And long after the dinner ended, I had to kick them out of the kitchen around 10 o'clock because they were still washing dishes."

"Everything was really great," she added. "We really appreciated it."

What's next for Dunn's newest Chef? "Other departments are asking when I'm cooking dinner for them," Blu said. "Maybe next year."