Dunn Summer Academy


Dunn School's Summer Academy offers what you want most in a summer academic program: caring instructors, unlimited personal attention, gains in academic performance, and loads of fun with new friends from around the world!  The Summer Academy provides an incredibly rewarding and safe residential summer experience for students entering grades 8, 9, and 10.  There are two tracks that students can follow in this unique, month-long experience: Learning Strategies or ESL .

The Learning Strategies program helps students build skills critical for being a successful student—study habits, time management, organization. With experienced staff and personal attention, students develop strategies for time management, organization and effective studying while gaining a sense of optimism toward educational challenges. The result is newfound success in the next academic year! Learn more about the Learning Strategies program here.

The ESL program is a month-long English program that helps students build reading, writing, and conversational skills with skilled English teachers while immersed in a larger residential Summer Academy with American students. Learn more about the ESL program here.


Life at Dunn Summer Academy

Students live in chaperoned dorms at the heart of Dunn's 55-acre boarding school campus.  The classrooms, dining hall, library, playing fields, tennis courts, swimming pool, gymnasium, art studios and more are all available to Summer Academy students!


Of course, there's ample time for summer fun!  Every afternoon the students participate in an enrichment, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays the students go on a trip to enjoy the best of the Central Coast of California!