Dunn’s Upper School curriculum offers rigorous academics with personalized approaches to teaching and learning.

All students participate in a broad program of challenging coursework, enhanced by athletics, arts, outdoor experiences, leadership opportunities, and community service. Because class sizes are small, students engage actively in discussion, debate and collaborative work. Dunn’s intimate size facilitates student-teacher dialogue outside the boundaries of the classroom. Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors sections are offered to qualified students seeking the challenge. Dunn offers diverse electives in addition to a rigorous core academic foundation.

Students at Dunn learn with the future in mind. In classes, students practice and strengthen essential contemporary skills and capacities: creativity, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, problem solving, innovation, global perspectives, and applied ethics.

Students enroll in at least five core college-prepretory classes each semester.  Dunn’s graduation requirements ensure that every student is well prepared for rigorous, college-level work in any field of study.

Graduation Requirements

Students must take five or six classes each semester. In addition to the required diploma standards, students supplement their program with a variety of electives. Dunn School grades on a two-semester calendar totaling 34 weeks, and grades are issued twice a year.

Required courses:

  •  Math: 3 years
  •  English: 4 years
  •  Science: 3 years
  •  History: 3 years
  •  Foreign Language: 2 years of one language
  •  Fine/Performing Arts: 1 year


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Dunn makes learning so interesting and relevant, it changes how you approach the rest of your life. I've made a career of following my passions.
—Yoky Matsuoka
Dunn alum,
MacArthur "Genius" Fellow & Former Chief Innovation Officer at Google