The academic program at the Upper School balances intellectual rigor and skill mastery with a highly supportive and accessible faculty. Our teachers promote creativity, intellectual courage, curiosity, and ethics in the learning process. And it is this balanced approach that allows us to engage a broad range of learners across disciplines in an authentic and purpose-driven approach to academics. 

Dunn’s curriculum is highly responsive to the interests, abilities, and aspirations of our students and the unique strengths of our faculty, which means on any given day a student may go from deep reading and discussion in one class to a collaborative activity in the next. A Dunn education is marked by the opportunity to engage with a range of topics through a variety of approaches, ensuring that all types of learners are appropriately challenged and supported in the learning process through multiple modes of assessment. A visitor to Dunn is just as likely to see students launching rockets from Munger Common as they are to see them writing an in-class essay.

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