College Counseling

At Dunn, College Counseling is highly personalized and we do not subscribe to one approved list of schools.  Rather, by knowing our students and having a deep understanding of their strengths and areas of growth, we help them develop their own personal criteria to identify colleges where they will thrive academically and socially.  We encourage them to make authentic choices and our matriculation list shows that our students do just that. From public universities to small liberal arts colleges, Dunn students find their "right-fit" college homes.

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Our College Counseling program offers many opportunities for students to explore college options and to learn about the admissions process including:  on-campus visits with admissions representatives, trips to college campuses, small group instruction and individual application support. While the majority of college-counseling happens in the junior and senior years, all students are encouraged and welcomed to attend events and tours or may request an individual meeting with the counseling team.  

While we expect students to drive this process, it is truly a collaborative effort between them, their parents, and our office.  The College Counseling team is here every step of the way to help students:

  • Design a course schedule that is appropriately challenging and has college interests in mind
  • Take ownership of the college search process
  • Understand the myriad of college options that exist
  • Develop a well-balanced list of colleges for consideration
  • Create an authentic and compelling application
  • Manage the admissions process
  • Decide between college offers including reviewing financial aid and scholarships

Questions about our college counseling program?  Contact Terri Devine, Director of College Counseling at

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