Upper School Student Experience

Our small classes give you an opportunity to know all of your classmates and form a real relationship with your teachers.  However, that's only part of the Dunn School experience. Dunn puts just as much emphasis on all the cool things you will do outside of classroom as we do on academics. Hiking a mountain trail, learning how to cook French cuisine, snorkeling the shores of the Channel Islands, playing on a team full of friends-- these adventures (and more!) await when you attend Dunn. 

Advising Program

The role of the Dunn advisor is to support and guide advisees in all aspects of Dunn life and serve as the main conduit for communication between families and Dunn School. While each advisor/advisee relationship is unique, all advisors seek to develop a relationship based on mutual respect and trust, facilitating open communication, mentoring, and the ongoing development of students’ growth and autonomy. 

The Arts at Dunn

Students are encouraged to participate in the arts during the academic day, but there are opportunities to engage and grow outside of the classroom as well.  We offer an afternoon theater program in the fall and spring, and many of our Enrichments, Mini Terms, and student-run clubs allow students to enjoy the performing and visual arts beyond the academic day as well.