Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Leadership opportunities are an integral part of developing young leaders. The focus is on mentoring and supporting emerging student leaders in all aspects of Dunn community life. 

Student Government

The Dunn School Student Government provides an opportunity for involvement by prospective student leaders of all ages. Comprised of an Executive Council and Senate, approximately 18 students are elected to Student Government each year. Executive offices are Student Body President, Legislative Vice-President, Administrative Vice-President, and Chief Justice. Candidates for these positions must have a minimum of one year of experience as a student leader before running for office. Two senators represent each class / constituency. Elections for office are held annually in the spring (exception: freshman class elections are held during the fall). The Executive Council oversees the Student Senate and the subcommittees: Spirit, Diversity, Community Service, Activities, and Sustainability. Several committees are open to interested members of the Dunn community. Senate meetings take place weekly and are open to members of the community.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident Assistants (RAs) are selected on the basis of leadership capabilities, their involvement in the Dunn Community, the example they have set through past performance, their disciplinary and academic records, their willingness to live within the limits and expectations set by the school community, and their willingness to serve the school. RAs are leaders in the dormitories. They are in charge of the House Council and assist the House Head in managing the dorm. This leadership role requires students to be positive role models, to be actively involved in all areas of the dorm, and to help all residents of their dorm. These student leaders have as their primary responsibilities:

  • To serve as a visible example of the spirit and standards of the school
  • To meet weekly with the Director of Leadership and Dean of Students to review student concerns and discuss leadership responsibilities and strategies
  • To assist the student community with residential, personal, and general issues
  • To be a member of the Advisory Committee
  • To act as a liaison between the students and the faculty / administration
  • To work in conjunction with the Student Government and other leadership groups to further improve the Dunn experience for all students

House Council / Day Council

Statement of Philosophy
To give students a voice in the decision-making process for the residential and day programs that promote a healthy environment for all students.

Mission Statement
To represent the students by addressing student issues and concerns, by envisioning and enforcing positive dorm / day improvements, and by acting as liaisons between students and faculty.

House Council assists the House Head in managing the dorm. This leadership role requires students to be positive role models, to be actively involved in all areas of the dorm, and to help all residents of their dorm. Selection / election for this position takes place in the spring.

The main goal of the House Council and Day Council is to improve student life for both residential and day students. Members of the councils will work cooperatively with the House Heads, Dean of Students, Dean of Leadership, and Associate Head of School to develop policies and create extracurricular activities, and to act as intermediaries with respect to student issues. As a member of a House or Day Council, students will have the opportunity to hone leadership skills as they strive to better the community.

Admission Ambassador Program

Opportunities for students to assist the Admission Office with student recruitment and retention include:

  • Student Tour Guide
  • Peerwig Program

Student Tour Guides take prospective students and their families on a walking tour of campus. Following a tour, they complete a handwritten note to the prospective student / family and often times exchange email addresses. More experienced Student Tour Guides assist with new tour guide training. Student Tour Guides are selected annually through an application and interview process. To be considered for this program, students must have attended Dunn Upper School for at least one year.

Each member of the Peerwig Program is assigned a group of new students to contact prior to the start of school to answer any questions they may have about Dunn. Members of the Peerwig Program are actively involved in New Student Orientation and coordinate school events during the fall.

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