Outdoor Education


Through inspiring wilderness adventures, Dunn students build confidence, character, and community. Our California location-- which gives us easy access to the high desert, snow-capped peaks, dozens of National and State parks (and that's just in California!), and hundreds of miles of rugged coastline-- sets our Outdoor Education program apart. Our diverse landscapes create opportunities for student growth beyond the classroom through week-long, grade-level trips and weekend offerings. 

Through developing a deeper connection to the environment and their peers, our students learn key leadership and teamwork skills, furthering Dunn’s mission to educate the whole student.

Outdoor Ed offerings include:

  • Canoeing the Colorado River
  • Rock climbing in Joshua Tree
  • Backpacking in Big Sur
  • Mammoth Lakes Multi-Sport
  • Yosemite Day Hikes
  • Summiting Mt. Whitney in the High Sierras
  • Weekend camping in our neighboring Los Padres National Forest (we are on the edge of two million acres of protected land)
  • Ski trips to Tahoe and the Sierras
  • Kayaking trips to the Channel Islands