Round Square: Where Dunn Core Values and IDEALS intersect

Round Square is global network of more than 200 schools in 50 countries that are connected by their like-minded approach to character education. 

At Dunn, our philosophy of Whole Student Education is guided by our five core values: Emotional Wellness, Physical Readiness, Intellectual Growth, Social Responsibility, and Moral Courage.  

The character-building approach and experiential learning that takes place while to teaching to those values falls directly in line with Round Square's approach, its IDEALS: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, Service.

As a part of the Round Square network, we share an understanding of the link between character education and academic success. We also believe in equipping students for positive, active, and engaged global citizenship by offering more than academic knowledge and qualifications.

International Student Exchange

One of the tangible benefits of belonging to the Round Square network is connecting with schools worldwide for the benefit of student exchange. Within months of joining the network, Dunn School forged a relationship with a school in Germany, welcoming a student in just our second trimester in the program and sending one of our own overseas in the third. As we continue building bonds, those opportunities for our students to engage in global citizenship are effectively limitless. 

To learn more about our student exchanges with other Round Square institutions, make sure to read our Exchange Student Blog. 

Exchange Student Blog

Helena V.: Welcome to Dunn

Our first student visiting from another Round Square school, read all about Helena's experience at Dunn School.

Arden S.: Off to Germany

Our first student being welcomed at another Round Square school, read all about Arden's experience abroad. 

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